Hide Birthday on Facebook | Turn Off Birthday Notification.

Hide Your Date Of Birth On Facebook & Turn Of Birthday Notification.
Today we are going to talk on how you can 'Hide Birthday on Facebook 2019 to Make Facebook not show your birthday and also how to Turn off birthday notifications of facebook friends. so if you want to know all of these things and want to customize your date of birth settings here we go.
Hide Facebook Date of Birth

 You must remember that when you created your account for the first time on Facebook, you must have filled your age/Birthday there for Age Verification because of the Facebook terms Facebook Requires everyone to be at least 13 Years Old Before they can create an account. And do you know that your friend and other people who visit your profile can see your birth date, And if you want to 'hide age on facebook from someone, then they can also know your birth date by visiting your Facebook profile.

 But 'Is there any way to hide birthday on facebook timeline?'

Yes, you can easily change your privacy settings to hide birthday on facebook mobile and you can also turn off birthday notification of your Facebook friends. You can Use chrome Browser, Facebook Application or Facebook Lite to change these settings.

 Hide Facebook Date Of Birth.
  1.  Go to Menu ( Click Navigate bar Left-hand corner Above)
  2.  Go to Privacy Shortcut.
  3.  See More Privacy Settings To find more options.
  4.  Now you are On Privacy Settings Page. You can also visit there by settings > Privacy Settings.
  5.  Go to ' Who Can See Your Profile Info?' You can also see a Small description ' go to your profile to change your profile information, privacy, such as you can see your date of birth.
  6.  Find Basic Information & Click Edit.
  7.  Go to Date Of Birth. Now you can see an option in front of your date of birth & Year, from where you can click to decide who can see your date of birth.
  8.  To Hide Your Date of Birth Select 'Only Me. You have more options Like - Public, Friends, Only me, Friends Of Friends. So if you want to share your date of birth with your Friends you need to select Friends or Friends of Friends.

Hide Facebook Date of Birth
You can follow these steps to hide your Facebook date of birth from others or just select people you want to share with.
The Advantage of this setting for those people who 'don't want my birthday announced on facebook'.

How do I turn off birthday notifications on Facebook?

If you have so many friends on Facebook, every second or third day you get notifications of one of their birthday. If you do not want Facebook Friends Birthday notification, you can also turn this notification off by setting & then you'll not get any Notification from Facebook.
To turn this Settings Off just follow these simple Steps -
  1.  Click Navigation bar & Go to Menu.
  2.  Scroll Down & Find Settings.
  3.  Now Find Notification. Here you'll see two options - Notification Settings & Text Messaging. You need to select First one 'Notification Setting'.
  4. Now Find Out Birthday Option. You'll see every notification on Facebook but you can turn off notifications about a specific post.
  5. Tap on Birthday & you will see by default get notification option is enabled so you just have to unselect to turn it off.

Turn off Birthday Notification

Once you do that you are not going to get any Facebook friends birthday notification on your device or in the Facebook's notification. As like that you can also turn off some other notifications like - post, Groups, Friends, etc.

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Following these two methods you can turn off your Facebook friends birthday notification to remove birthday wishes for facebook timeline and you can also hide your birthday from friends on Facebook even you don't need to block birthday wishes on facebook but use these methods carefully because your friends are important and you should wish them on their birthday.

Hoe Your Problem is Solved 'can I hide my date of birth on Facebook' If you still have any doubt or want to suggest anything so let me know in Comments.

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