These Instagram Stickers will Make Your Stories Awesome.

Best Useful Instagram Stickers To Make Awesome Stories

Instagram is trying to introduce user with new Instagram story stickers and recently Instagram Added a brand new sticker in their story mode It is Instagram chat sticker
Instagram Stickers
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Instagram is giving users new stickers so that they can interact well with their Followers and friends & this is very important to stay engaged with Audience.

How To Use Instagram Stickers?

This is very simple to use Instagram stickers in stories. You can use these stickers only in your stories not in Posts. 
To use these stickers -

  1. Add Picture Or Text In story
  2. Click Stickers option.
  3. Find Sticker you want to add in story.
  4. Customize & Share.

This sticker will be added in your story when you share it and whenever Someone will see your story they will also see that stickers.

Instagram chat stickers.

Instagram chat sticker is the latest story sticker in Story Mode and you can find out it in your stickers.

 On Instagram, you will be able to create a new group to talk to your fellows and friends, in which you will be able to include only those people who will send the request by clicking on this chat sticker in your story. In this way, you will be able to add only a limited number of people to the Instagram group chat and talk with them. This means that only person you want can select them for group chat.

So if there are so many friends or followers on your Instagram account, then this sticker is going to help you to chat with all your friends at once.

Instagram Quiz Sticker.

this is a fun sticker for Instagram users who used to post interesting things in their stories. You can also use this for educational purposes if you have educational audience. As you can see it's name is Quiz Sticker, Means this can be use to create a Quiz in your Instagram Stories.

Use this sticker in your stories & Create a Quiz or ask Question whatever you want. You can add up to 4 Options for your Quiz. You can ask anything in your quiz that you want to ask your friends and whenever your friend gives a right or wrong answer, you can also check that.

Countdown Sticker.

Instagram Countdown Sticker is quite useful. Basically this could be use as a Reminder & you can use this organize an event on a particular day or time.

Suppose you are a YouTuber & you are going to upload a Special Video & want to inform all your Followers then you can use Countdown Sticker to tell followers when you are going to Upload that special Video. You can also organize an special event on a particular day or time & just use this sticker as a reminder.

Ask Me A Question Sticker.

Well instagram's Ask Me A Question Sticker is very Useful then other stickers because this can help you to engage with your Audience & if you are a Creator than you should definitely use this once.

As it is known by its name 'Ask Me A Question' By using this sticker you can give an option to your followers to Ask Anything They Want to Ask You. 

Polls Sticker.

Quite simple to get Openions. Yes, Using Instagram Polls You can get Your Followers Openion on anything, are they agree with you or Not. While using this sticker you can put your question in it about which you want to know people's opinion.

There will be two option ( You can Customize the Options ) By choosing one of two options, your followers and friends can give you their opinion, What they think about.
You can use this sticker to get suggestion with your friends Before starting anything new or before taking any decision.

Question Sticker.

This is An imoji sliding sticker where you can put your Question to ask followers for their interest / Openion & they can answer your question by Sliding the Reaction Sticker.

To add this sticker to your story you will have to go to the option of sticker where you'll see a Sliding Emoji Option. Just select this & put your Question or anything you want. You can customize the reaction Emoji also & your followers can slide them to show their Reaction.

GIF Sticker.

Who don't like GIF's Stickers & now you can use them also in your Instagram Stories. Not just emojis it's another level to make More interesting stories Using GIF.

To add a GIF to your Instagram Story you can go to the Stickers where you will get a GIF option, from there you can add a favorite sticker by searching for it. Really this is Going to make your Insta stories Next Level.

Mention Sticker.

Not so useful but you can use it in your stories to Teg Someone your Favorite. This will not make your stories interesting you can just highlight someone using this sticker. Use Mention sticker & Put Your Friends user name out want to Teg in your Story.

Hashtag Sticker.

It is same as mention sticker You can highlight any hashtag keyword via this sticker that you want to use in your story. Just select the sticker in your stories and put the hashtag keyword you want to use. You don't need to write '#'.

Location Sticker.

Location sticker is quite useful if you are traveler and want to share your live location in your stories with your followers and friends. When you put these stickers in your own story, it shows you location searches where you can see your current location and other Related locations.

But if you do not want to share your current location, you can also  Mention other by searching the location.

Final Words.

These all stickers are very useful but depends on you how you use them. I hope this was interesting & let me know in comments which is your Favourite Instagram Sticker & why?

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