See YouTube subscribers list, Who your subscribers are on youtube

This is a great feeling when someone subscribes to your channel But 'How to see Youtube Subscribers List & Who Who your subscribers are on youtube. If you are also a YouTuber and want to know History who has subscribed to your Youtube channel so here I'm gonna share with you step-by-step Process to check all your Youtube Channel's subscribers List.

This Setting is quite useful if you don't want to show your youtube channel's Subscribers to any Youtube user or to Your friend & want to make it Secret then you should Definitely try this Method once.

See Subscribers List In Android.

If you are Looking for 'how to see your Subscribers on Youtube app' so You can't see your subscribers list in official YouTube application because there is not an option available to see your subscriber list but you can check your subscriber list using your Android smartphone. For that, you can use any Android/ iPhone browser ( Chrome, Mozilla, UC Browser, Firefox ) to access these settings.

  1. Open in your browser.
  2. Login with your same Youtube channel account.
  3. Click on a channel icon for the menu.
  4. Go to creator studio as you can see after clicking on Channel icon.
    See YouTube subscribers list, Who Subscribed Your Channel.
  5. Now you are on YouTube creator studio and can see some options on the left side of the screen.
  6. Find community option and tap on it.
    See YouTube subscribers list, Who Subscribed Your Channel.
  7. Now you will get 3 more options - Comments, Subscribers & Community Settings. Go to subscribers setting to see the list of your subscribers who subscribed your YouTube channel.

Now you can see all your subscribers list on your screen but you can see "Only subscribers who share their subscription publicly are Shown, subscribers who have their set their Subscription Private Don't Show Here, Even if the account is Subscribed to your Channel".

See Youtube Subscribers List In PC.

Not just in Android Smartphone you can also see your Subscribers List in Desktop/ PC. The Process is almost same but For Desktop users there are some extra Features that is Creator Studio Beta.
You can get all the information related to your YouTube video and the entire channel in Youtube Creator Studio. To view subscribers List In PC -

  1. Go to in your browser
  2. Login with your Youtube channel account
  3. Click on the channel icon to get more options.
  4. Go to Creator Studio (Beta) which you will find after clicking on channel Icon. BETA is the Latest version of Youtube Creator Studio. Here you can see your channel analytics and get complete information with statics.
    See YouTube subscribers list, Who Subscribed Your Channel.
  5. After going to YouTube Creator Studio BETA, you will find a lot of information related to the channel on your desktop screen, in which you will also be able to view the Subscriber list, who have recently subscribed to your channel. To see all subscribers Name you need to click More but This Will be the Last 28 Days report of your YouTube Channel. After that, you'll be able to see Their Channel Names, How many Subscribers they have (Subscribers Count)
  6. But to see the list of All subscribers, we have to go back to the old Creator Studio, For this, you have to click on the option back to classic creator studio you can find this at your Left-Hand Corner below.
    See YouTube subscribers list, Who Subscribed Your Channel.
  7. When you will click creator studio classic, YouTube will ask you the reason why you want to leave Creator Studio Beta. For that YouTube will show you Some Reasons, You have to tick on one option if any reason is appropriate for you otherwise you can skip it and go to the old creator studio.
  8. In YouTube Creator Studio, you will see an option of community which you have to click, and then you will have three more choices - Comments, Subscribers & Community Settings. 
  9. Just Tap on Subscribers & you'll get all your Subscribers list, who Subscribed your channel to watch your Videos.

Always keep in mind you can see "Only subscribers who share their subscription publicly are Shown, subscribers who have their set their Subscription Private Don't Show Here, Even if the account is Subscribed to your Channel".

Hide YouTube Subscription From Other Users.

Whenever you subscribe to others YouTube channel from your YouTube account, this is called your subscription for that channel, & if you don't want to show your subscription list to others then you can hide it easily. Once you hide your subscription list No one will know which YouTube channel you are subscribed to.

  1. Go to  '' in Browser
  2. Click on 'Channel Avatar/ Logo'
  3. Click on 'Settings gear' Next to the Creator Studio.
  4. Go to Youtube's 'Privacy' settings.
  5. There will be an option of Like & Subscription. Where you can Manage your 'Liked Videos, Saved Playlist & Subscriptions
  6. By default, all the settings are already Tick/ Selected if in your case it is not selected just Tick To 'Keep all my subscriptions private'.
  7. Now 'Save' these settings.
  8. Now your YouTube channel's Subscription feed is totally Hidden no one can see the channels which you have subscribed.
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Frequently Asked Questions { FAQ's }

How can I see a list of my YouTube subscribers?/ Can I see who my YouTube subscribers are?
The Simplest Way to see Who your Youtube Subscribers are is, Go to creator studio then find Community & tap Subscribers. You can see your subscribers List in Desktop & in Android Also, Just follow the above steps.

Who has the most subscribers on YouTube 2019?
Tseries ( company ) is the most subscribed YouTube channel in 2019 with over 106 Million+ Subscribers & 77 Billion+ Views.
PewDiePie is 2nd Most Subscribed YouTube Channel in 2019 with over 98 million+ Subscribers & 22 Billion+ Views. But in Individual YouTuber Creator Category, PewDiePie is on First Place.
YouTube subscribers list
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Can Youtubers see who unsubscribed?
No, YouTubers can't see who unsubscribed their channel but they can see See their Youtube Subscribers Stats to know 'How many People Unsubscribed their Youtube Channel. They can see Who subscribed the Channel only if the person public their subscription list.

How many subscribers do you need to get paid?
According to YouTube's new Partner Program Policy, you need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours timing on your YouTube channel within one year ( last 365 days ).

Can Youtubers see who watched their videos?
No, YouTubers can't see who watch videos even they can't see who like or dislike their video, they can only calculate the Video Views.

Can Youtubers see who liked their videos?
YouTube can't see you like the videos they only know the subscribers who subscribe their channel only if the person Public their subscription list. YouTubers can see who commented on their videos.

How do you see who disliked your video on YouTube?
Actually, you can't see who disliked your videos on YouTube, but you can see how many dislikes you have gotten on your video to see the like and dislike ratio just go to YouTube creator studio and select the video you want to analyze.

Do YouTubers get notified when you like?

Youtuber will not get notified when you like their videos but they can see the like-dislike ratio of the video in YouTube creator studio.

Final Words

I think you understand the answer to your question ' How do I view who is subscribed to me on Youtube?' or 'How to see youtube subscribers count On Youtube. I have a Suggestion for you all If you are a Youtube Creator Then Never try to cheat youtube's Policy Because I've seen many People to finding 'youtube subscribers hack youtube subscribers generator'. These activities can destroy your channel.

 I tried to Define all the things In an Easy way But if you Still have any Problem or Want to suggest Anything Let me Know in Comments.


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