How to ARCHIVE & UNARCHIVE Instagram Post, Story.

Instagram is a social media platform where people post their photos and videos on a regular basis. Because Instagram is a very large social media platform, so Instagram Gives Priority to user security and provide some security features on Instagram. One of the best security features is 'Archive'.

If you translate 'Archive' this word you will know its meaning is Collection, Store. You can hide your posts and stories by using Instagram Archive features so that others can not see them. Let's see how to Archive & Unarchive Instagram Post & Stories.

Archive Instagram Post.

  1. Open Instagram Application
  2. Log in With your Account.
  3. Go to Profile Section.
  4. Tap on a Post you want to Archive or hide from others.
  5. Click on the three dots to get options.
    Archive Instagram Post.
  6. Click on Archive to hide your Post & See Your Instagram Feed the post is not there.

Unarchive Instagram Post. (Undo Archive)

  1. Open Instagram & Login.
  2. Go to the Profile section
  3. Click Menu or Navigation bar you can see up on the right corner.
  4. Tap on Archive next to your User Name.
  5. On the top, You can See 'Stories Archive' tap on it & Select Post Archive.
  6. You'll get all your Archived Posts & now you can access them properly. Select them you want to visible on your profile.
    Unarchive Instagram Post
  7. Click the three dots/ Navigation bar & Select Show On Profile or if you want you can delete your Archive too. 

Sometimes I've seen people Become Confused 'Where To find archived photos on Instagram & how to access/ undo archive Instagram Photos, so don't become confused try this simple steps.

Instagram Archive Stories.

Instagram Stories Archive is Little bit different than Post Archive. Using Instagram Archive Settings you can 'keep your stories in your Archive after they disappear, so you can look back to your memories. Only you will be able to see your Archived stories. Your photos and stories will be automatically saved in the Archive.

  1. Go to Instagram Application.
  2. Login with your Account
  3. Go to the Profile section
  4. Tap on the Navigation bar/ menu.
  5. Go to Archive Option.
    Archive Instagram Stories.
  6. Top of the Page you can see 'Stories Archive' if it is showing Post Archive so tap & Change it to Stories Archive.
  7. Turn On Archiving. Now you'll find Stories Archive is Started.

Turn Off/ Undo Instagram Archive Stories.

As like Post Archive you can't Unarchive Stories, you can turn it off only. Once you turn off archiving your stories will not be saved in Archived.

  1. Go to Profile & click Navigation bar.
  2. Go to Archive options.
  3. Tap 'Change Archive Control in Settings & turn off Archiving.
If you still have a duality, then a list of Frequently Asked Questions is ready for you here, where you can find the answer to your question.

Frequently Asked Question {FAQs}

What happens when you unarchive an Instagram post?
How do I Retrieve an Archived Instagram post?
To Retrieve an archived Instagram post go to-
Profile>Archive>Post Archive>Show On Profile 

How do I unarchive Instagram 2019?
To Unarchive your Instagram stories and posts just go to profile, Click Navigation bar, Archived, Then Unarchive your posts.

Can you hide posts on Instagram?
To hide a post on Instagram use Instagram archive setting and no one will be able to see your post.

Where do archived Instagram posts go?
When you archived Instagram posts, it disappears from your profile and only you can see it by going to the Instagram Archive setting.

How do you get to your archives on Instagram?
To get your archives back on Instagram just go to Instagram Archive setting and undo/ Show on Profile your posts.

Is there a way to archive all photos on Instagram?
No, there is no such futures in Instagram, so that you can archive all photos at once.

How do you look at someone's archive on Instagram?
You can not see anybody's Instagram Archive photo until they undo Archive the post.

You can Use this Instagram's Archive Setting to Hide Your All Instagram Post or for Save Instagram Stories. Hope this is good because I tried to define all these things in a very short & clear way. But if you still have any doubt or want to Suggest Anything, let me know in comments.


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