Save Instagram Photos on Pc 2019 {Latest}

Are you an Social media User & Finding 'How to Save Instagram Photos on Pc' or What are the ways to 'save multiple Photos/ Picture on computer' So here you'll get the best Working Methods to 'Save Instagram Photos on pc chrome & these all are going to be very easy & everyone can use them.
How to Save Instagram Photos on Pc
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Many times we get some such photos on Instagram that we like and we want to download and save them on our device but as we know There are no such features on the Instagram so that you can download or save the photo of another person on your device.

This is some methods, following which you can Save Instagram Photos or photo on PC.

Save Instagram photos with Downloaders.

You can download Instagram post in your computer easily by Instagram post downloader tools. these tools are absolutely free and help you to download Instagram post by their link. So there are too many Instagram downloading to on internet you can find out easily or just visit
  1. Go to and log in your account.
  2. Find out the post you want to download in your PC
  3. Click that post and go to Navigation ( three dots).
  4. Click copy the post link.
  5. Now go to Instagram post downloading tool and paste the link.
  6. Now the post is Ready to download click download to save the Instagram photo in PC.
Now your the Instagram post you wanted to download is in Your Computer & you'll find it as always in Download Folder. This was a basic simple trick you can also use this to 'save pictures from Instagram to my laptop, Macbook or Android Device.

Save Photo Using Page Inspect.

  1. Open in PC Chrome
  2. Login Instagram I'd Using username & Password.
  3. Find out the Instagram post/ photo you want to download.
  4. Click/ Select that post to open on the screen.
  5. Right-click on the picture and then Inspect Instagram post.
  6. Now you have to click on the HTML code and ctrl 'F'.
  7. Now you have to search 'JPG' and you will get all the images links in HTML code.
  8. To find out post Image Link click Press enter. When you press enter, you will know which link belongs to which image.
  9. Now you have to find the link to the Instagram post image and copy it.
  10. Now go back to Chrome and open a new tab.
  11. Paste that image link in it.
  12. Now you have the image on your screen right click and 'save image as' to download in your PC.


You have two options by which you can save a picture from Instagram on your computer, in both methods works in chrome browser also.

If you want to Save multiple photos from Instagram on pc then you can try to save Instagram photos chrome extension and you will be able to save Instagram photos on PC at once.

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