Keyword Everywhere Android Mobile Extension

Do you want to know how you can use keywords everywhere Android or searching to use keywords everywhere For mobile. However, here is the solution for install keyword everywhere tool in your phone's browser to use this like PC.
Use Keywords Everywhere mobile

The keyword everywhere tool is a perfect tool for bloggers and marketers. therefore, this tool can help you to find out your targeted keyword and also give some keyword analytics like volume and competition.

What Is Keywords Everywhere Extension?

Keywords Everywhere Android is a tool that helps you to Find out keywords for your blogger, website, YouTube & for internet marketing to Run Advertisement campaigns, You can say it is a Keywords Planner/  keyword finder tool.

By Using Keyword Everywhere Mobile tool, you can see on the Internet which Keyword is most searched on the Internet and how much high competition is there in it.

 You can see The Keyword - Volume, CPC, Competition, Most Searched keywords & also the Similar Keywords Research & their Volume, Competition. You can read the In-depth information related to Keyword Everywhere on their website.

How to Use 'Keyword Everywhere Android' Extension.

First thing you should know before installing Keywords Everywhere Android Extension. Google Chrome app doesn't have features to Add Extensions that's why you need to Download KIVI Browser App.
Follow the same thing for iOS to use Keywords Everywhere in iPhone.

After installing KIVI Browser in your Android device just follow the simple steps to install keyword everywhere extension to in smartphone -
  1.  Download & Open Kivi browser In Android
  2. Search Google Web-store or go to Web-store.
  3. Find out Keywords Everywhere Extension.
  4. Click Add to Chrome & allow Permission {if it ask for}
    Use Keywords Everywhere mobile
  5. After Installation Keyword Everywhere Extension it'll redirect you to API key Page.
  6. Enter your Email address to get API registration/ activation key.
  7. Check out Email from Keywords Everywhere & copy the API activation key.
  8. Tap the Browsers Menu/ setting navigation bar. After clicking on Settings, below you will find the keyword Everywhere Extension.
    Use Keywords Everywhere mobile
  9. Tap on the extension & go to Settings.
  10. Paste the API Activation key at 'API Key' & validate.
    Use Keywords Everywhere mobile
The keywords everywhere Android extension is ready to work but will not work on mobile-friendly page so you need to to use the desktop version to use the Extension for better results like PC.

To go to desktop version click three dots of menu and select desktop version and you will get a full preview of search results like PC.

In Conclusion

Keywords everywhere Android tool could be helpful for you. there are several ways to use this in several fields at the same time you know what? you can find out 'keywords everywhere reviews' on the internet to know more about this tool.

Well I think now we knows 'how to use keywords everywhere Firefox, chrome or in other browsers. Just Keywords Everywhere download, Activate & keywords everywhere in mobile.

I think, The company should also create an application for smartphone users for which will help to use keywords everywhere mobile app.

The alternative of keywords everywhere available on the internet. If you don't want to to use this you can switch for other tools, one of them is ubersuggest.


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