'Proved Way' to Earn Money From YouTube Without Adsense

Earn Money On Youtube Without Adsense.

In the field of online earnings,You can Earn Money From YouTube Without AdSense & Monetize itYouTube is a huge platform from which many people are Earning very well and YouTube as a Earning Resource used for many days.How is Earning on YouTube? How are people making money? By uploading your videos on YouTube, you can understand all these things very easily, and for this, I want to give you a short Hint about it.
earn money from youtube without adsense

Before uploading a video on YouTube, you have to use a good content, you make good videos on it, edit them, and then upload them to YouTube Or you can also say that YouTube is a platform where you can share your knowledge with everyone, and for this YouTube allows you.
When you start making videos, even good views start to happen, it means that other people like to watch your video join you and your channel starts to grow, then you get permission from youtube You can ask for an ad show on your video and you are given money in exchange for that advertisement.

But' without the help of adsense, how you can Earn from YouTube and what are the Ways from which you will be able to earn YouTube without using Adsense.

Mostly People thinks that YouTubes is Earning only by Adsense and all the YouTubers working on YouTube are earning on YouTube with the help of Adsense and earning very good money. But this is not completely true, there are several ways from where all of Youtubers are  Earning on YouTube and even earning more than Youtube's Adsense.

So if you have a YouTube channel or you want to earn from YouTube, then you also have some ways that you should know where you will be able to make a lot of money besides adsense just upload videos to YouTube.

Extra Income Ways For Youtube.

Affiliate Earning.

Affiliate marketing is a very big earning source running on the Internet from where all the people are earning very well, who are earning money from the internet today.
Listening to the name of affiliate marketing, you might be thinking that this is a marketing platform where you have to go home to sell products or you have to persuade a customer to buy this product by calling.

Maybe some of you may even think that this is business work. I can not do it, neither do I have any information about it nor is it relayed from my channel, then how do I use it?
You can join the affiliate marketing program by visiting any major website, Amazon Flipkart or Bangood, and after that you can sell products through one of your affiliate links.

That it spends millions for running huge website ads and enhances its cell, so when you join their affiliate program, you also become a member of it and you would also have to sell their products. Whenever you sell a product, you are given a small commission from that product which can be 10 percent or 15 percent.

Suppose I have a tech channel on YouTube, I also video of a lot of products on my channel

Sponsorship.My viewers and my subscribers look at my videos and they want to buy these products, in such a situation, I can give the affiliate link of these products in my video description and can say my audience "Hey if you wanted to buy this product just checkout the link I have given in description go through that link to buy that product".

now whenever someone buy that product through my affiliate link I'll get paid for this a little bit of that products amount. Means I'm reviewing a Earphone of 10$ & 10 people buy the same product after watching my video through my link & the commission rate is 10% the I'll get 1$ for each sell & for 10 earphones I'll get 10$.


If you have a YouTube channel, too many subscribers and views are available, then sponsorship is a great opportunity for you. To earn very well only through your YouTube channel.

There are many companies and websites on the Internet that want to promote their product or company, with too many audiences.For this, they also makes social media marketing in which they searches for large social media accounts or YouTube channels, who have a large number of audiences.

The purpose of these companies is to promote only their product, for which they find a person  with a large number of audience who will promote the product for them.

You will ask how can I get sponsorship or what is the way I can get sponsorship for my channel to promote brands & earn money.Before taking sponsorship on your channel, I want to tell you some things that you don't face problem when taking sponsorship on your channel.

Before you take sponsorship from a brand on your channel, you have to think like a brand why a brand will sponsor your channel and why you will sponsor the promotion of the brand.

Before you sponsor or your channel, any company sees statics of your channel how many views are seen on your channel, how many subscribers come and how much your engagement is with your audience.
So keep in mind whenever you create your channel, work on it like a brand and try to grow it more.

Where to Get Sponsor?

Basically you can take sponsorship from any website, go to any website and contact them separately, such as Samsung's company or Canon's company. You can contact them on their business email by visiting their website. You can tell them about yourself & about your Channel.

Apart from this, there is a website whose name is Famebit, you can sign up with your email ID and add your channel there. Remember this website is for YouTubers only who have minimum 5 thousand subscribers.

earn money from youtube without adsense
This website is 100% genuine and legal you don't need to worry about this because this is now organised by YouTube.Because this website is being run by YouTube itself and it is only for the creators working on YouTube, there is no illogical thing here.If you work on this website and you get sponsorship, then you will get paid in return for your work.

Because it helps the creators to come to the company's sponsorship, so it takes some commission from your earning which is 10% only. Means if you got sponsorship of 100$ then this will keep 10$ as a commission & you'll get 90$' which is your total fresh income.

Paid Promotion.

Under the Paid promotion, I want to include all the things which I want to tell you through this blog.It is slightly different from sponsorship but here too you have to promote a brand or a product on your channel, you have to tell people about it 'in a straightforward language, you have to promote something in a way.

For sponsorship, either a company or a brand approaches you & asks for the promotion of their brand or product, and in return you get paid for your work but This is going to be some different from Sponsorship. Here you have to contact yourself with a brand or company, and you can talk them that 'I have so many subscribers,Viewers who are watching my videos daily on the YouTube channel and I can promote this product or your brand Through my channel.

Suppose any company or brand does not contact me,for Sponsorship at that moment I can contact brand and I will say that 'I have 100k subscribers, or 100k subscribers, I daily gets 500k views on my videos and after that I can ask about to promote their product or company through my YouTube channel.It is like a Proposal to a brand for businesses.

Because a company needs only the audience to get promoted, keep in mind whenever you send your proposal to the company, then forget about discharging your channel in it, You have to tell something about your channel in such a way that it will be useful to the company for the promotion of their brand.

In Paid promotion you can also review any application or any software on your YouTube channel.You can contact a software developer or an app developer and ask them "Hey do you need downloads of your application I can do this for you,I have a YouTube channel with over 100k subscribers & my viewers would love to see this application or software even you can also sell your e-books.


I would advise you that you take good content and come to YouTube and create your channel so that you do not have trouble to grow up your channel.

Suppose I create a YouTube channel, only for the purpose of earning, I can upload a variety of different videos on it,may be one of them will become viral so that I can get millions of views and subscribe right now on my channel But when I upload any other video, there will not be any views on it, it will be because neither my channel has any particulate content nor I uploads a related video from any topic.

If you do not have any category or any topic then I want to give you an advice ,You only have to choose a category about which you can tell people and you create your channel around its boundaries. Like, I want to  earn with Affiliate ,then I can create a channel related to tech & can inform People about some cool gadgets.Top 5 Interesting Gadgets,Top 5 Gadgets for Students,Top-5 Futuristic Gadgets bla.bla.bla.. 

If you have gathered audiences on YouTube or you have engaged a huge audience on any of your social media then I can not even tell you how much money you can make.


Earning can be done from YouTube, but you should also keep in mind before creating a YouTube channel is 'If you just create a YouTube channel to earn money and start uploading videos then you will never succeed in this'.
that's why don't just create a YouTube channel to start uploading videos on YouTube 'make it like a brand and think like a brand then you will get success. I think Now you got 'how to earn money from youtube without AdSense.

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