How much YouTube pay for 1000 Views

Today you will get the answer "how much YouTube pay for 1,000 Views"... 1,000 Views = .?.$

The question of a lot of people is How much YouTube pay for 1000 Views on Video I do not know why but a lot of people are trying to find the answer to this question. Some people even think that  YouTube Pays 2 to 3 $ For 1,000 Views.
How much YouTube pay
Basically, YouTube also works as an Advertisement Platform & Show ads on our Videos that we have Uploaded.
Suppose- I'm watching a video & Suddenly an ad Comes on it in the form of Banner Ads, Skippable & Non Skippable ads., 

Banner ads= A simple Image type Ads that you see on Websites also.It comes Like Text or Image Advertisement Form.

Skippable ads = These are New Formats of ads, It comes during Play Video & if you aren't interested to see that you can Skip them.
Usually it Duration Could be longer than 1 Minute to 5 Minutes.

Non Skippable Ads = This is also the new format of ads, It also comes during play video & You have to watch them till the end, Means you can't skip them but' the Duration of this ads is only 10 second, So you don't have to wait much. That, you'll be redirected to the video & can enjoy it.

That is the earning source for YouTube & creators.' Means Advertisers Pay & YouTube Pays Video Creator for showing ads on their Video'.

How much YouTube pay for 1000 Views?

Most of people think YouTube pay money for views, but it's not true basically YouTube pay only for the advertisement that is shown on your Videos & not only for showing ads on your video even if someone clicks on ads then it makes Money Which is Called "Cost Per Click".
Means- If someone clicked on ads during Watching my video & I got 0.05 $ for one ad Click then it'll be called 0.05 $ CPC ratio of my earning. That describes my Average earning for Per ad Clicks.

So if my Video is having 1,000 views with 10 ad Clicks then according to 0.05 $ CPC ratio I'll get 0.5$ but wait it's not all yours After the end of month YouTube will Deduct 45% of your total earning.
It doesn't matter how much rupees you have made You'll get only 65% of total earning & it'll be also added to your AdSense Account. Now calculate your self 'How much YouTube pay for 1000 Views?

Is it Possible to Get 1$ for 1,000 views?

Your earning depends on your Content, Language & on your Country. Maybe you won't believe but it really effects on your YouTube Earning.

As I know if you have a Tech, Food, lifestyle etc channel, it will be Ad friendly content, which will make it advertised well and you will be able to generate good revenue with it & the other side if you have a Comedy or Education related channel it's not totally ad-friendly And this is why the ads will also be reduced on your videos and due to which your revenue will be reduced automatically.

The language also affects your video very much if you have an English content then your video can be viewed anywhere in the world that will also help you to get More & More views will generate more revenue for you. 
Suppose I create videos in Hindi then I'll get views only from India, Pakistan & from other Hindi Language country. But if I create a video in English then I'll get views from all country because English is a Global Language & the number of English users are more then Other languages.

3rd thing that Mostly effects to your YouTube income is , Country because the CPC ratio of each country is different. Some countries having a good CPC ratio but also some have worst. For Example In India CPC ratio is 0.02 $ but on the other hand In USA it become 0.1$ that is a good ratio.
It means if you got Ads click from USA or Any western Country then your revenue will be different then Asian Countries.

One more thing is very important for all of you, if your channel is from India it is possible that its recommendation will be very much in India.Your video will also be seen outside of that country, but the most views on your channel are your own country.
You can also check this in your own YouTube channel 'You'll never get other countries video in your Recommendation. You'll only get videos that relate to your country or Language.

Final Words ..

I'm not saying that YouTube doesn't pay 1$ for 1,000 views on videos or I'm not saying that youtube will definitely pay1$ for 1,000 views. These all thing depend on your Content, Language & also on your country.

So if you are from a Western Country you can get 1$ or more for 1,000 views but if you are from eastern countries it may be difficult for you to get 1$ for 1,000 Views.
If you think that YouTubers earn too much from YouTube using AdSense then you are wrong. Basically there are too many other ways to make money using YouTube.
Now i tried to clear "How much YouTube pay for 1000 Views" & also "How much YouTube pay for 1000 Views in india".

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