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How to Go Viral On Youtube.

Hey guys do you have a YouTube channel & want to grow it want to complete your 4000 watch hour timing to enable Monetization or still wanted To Promote Youtube Videos Free. so guys here is something for you that can help you to Go Viral On Youtube because today I am going to tell you "How you Make your YouTube Videos Go Viral" and can get real subscribers and watch time on your channel.
Go viral on YouTube 2019
Basically this trick is by my friend JWT tech channel, he is also having a YouTube channel and he just crossed his 4000 watch hours timing on his channel within 1 month.
So today,here I am going to share with you Four Pro Tips that actually Helps to viral a YouTube videos.These all are simple but effective thing that every YouTuber should Follow in their Youtube Career.

1). Make A Schedule 
First of all that's a simple thing you need to follow in your life and also on your YouTube channel. Firstly just create a schedule for your YouTube and for your whole day, create a schedule to post videos to edit videos,to record videos and also create a schedule for your Day to arrange other things.

As I know too many people does this mistake on their channel they don't create any schedule they only upload video at anytime but if you Upload your Videos On a particular Time then your viewers will give you More attention & they also be Curious to watch Your next Video at the Same Time.

I mean Just decide a Particular time to Upload your Videos. Suppose I Upload my videos at 9 AM, then I should follow my Schedule to Upload videos & My viewers will also watch my videos daily at the same Time & also Like,Share & Comments on my videos.

3). Focus On Content
If you want to grow on YouTube there is no shortcut just focus on your content and work on it make it better from the last time if you work harder on your content you will definitely get audience retention.

There is one more thing I want to tell you, as I know' there are some people that not support you they just make jock of you and your videos' so don't give them attention and work with ignoring them and one more thing never Pressurize anyone to like share comment your videos they will automatically do this if they like your content and your video is knowledgeable for others.
So if you tells your friend to like and comment on your Video so leave that today.

But we need likes and comments on video because YouTube promote that type of video is having A required number of like and comment on the video. Basically YouTube just review the video quality how it is, is people liking it, is it helpful, how many people engaged with this video, if YouTube find that positive it will promote your video automatically.

3). Audience retention 
Audience retention is a very important think on YouTube to grow and to viral your video on YouTube.
Now Many of you think what is audience retention?
basically whenever you upload a video on YouTube and people watch that till the end and also give the reaction in the form of liking Your video,sharing your videos and by commenting blow Your video.

Whenever someone or viewer does anything of them then it is called audience retention and YouTube really promote this type of Videos that is having too much audience retention and your video is going to be rank on YouTube page. That's why make sure to tell your Like,Share & comment on your Videos but if your content is interesting and unique they will definitely do that without saying anything. 

You can see people love to share Comedy videos with their friend, Family or with their love once but did you noticed that no one shares Unboxing videos of Phones / Gadgets. That is only because their content is different & that's why Comedy Videos have more chances to go Viral On YouTube than Tech videos.

4). Catchy title 
Whenever you upload a video, keep in mind that its title should be very Catchy. If your title will be very attracted, people will definitely click on it and watch your video.As we see in the newspapers and in the TV news, how the headline of the newspaper is written,After reading that tittle people want to know more about it and the depth of it.

So whenever you write the title of your video, you wrote it in such a manner that any person would like to watch your video as soon they read that title and try to know more about that topic, then you will get more views on your video and It is possible that more and more people see your video and share it. 

Suppose my video is about Make money Online & I've add tittle 'How to Earn Money Online' this tittle is pretty simple & tells about your Video. But I can make it more better "Earn Free Money Online for everyone".
As you can see both tittle tells about the topic of video but 2nd tittle is Catchy more then first tittle.

5). Video tags 
Whenever you upload a video, add the related tags to the Topic of your video.Whenever you use tags in your video & someone searches related to the tags, Then your video comes in search of Google and also on YouTube.

But I have also seen many people who add a tag from any application or any website to their videos but it does not help. Because this application shows tags of videos that is already on the top, Not what people are searching to see.
I,ll suggest you to use only one of their own tags if possible And Put them in the tags section of your video.

6). Video thumbnail 
Video Thumbnail gives an impact of your video to others.The way the video title is very useful for the video and attract people towards you, the thumbnail of your video should also be the same! Whenever your video goes to the recommendation or comes to someone's home page 'Those people will only click on your video after seeing the Thumbnail and would like to see that video, so keep the thumbnails of your video too attractive/Catchy so that whichever person sees it, click on your video.

Suppose in my Thumbnail I only include latter's like_'Earn Money online for Free' maybe no one is going to click on it but if I include a shocking Pic & say 'Earn money Online freeee' then it have more chances to get views & audiance attention.
Go viral on YouTube 2019

7). Creativity 
If you start the channel on youtube then be sure that your video should have creativity or people will not like to see it and in the meantime they will leave your video, so if you can, Create a uniqueness that is different from other people and on YouTube no other channel uses that thing.

As you know there is too many Comedy channels on YouTube & they are already doing well' But Amit Badhana added some creativity to his video. He only used the common incidents that usually happened with everyone & That's why he become Viral Not only Viral He Become the fastest YouTube channel to Hit 10 Millions subscribers in YouTube History.
Go viral on YouTube 2019
So if you also want to grow your YouTube channel & wanted to become Viral & don't forget to do something creative & unique. It could be anything Like- your Language, way to express, Video Editting or something else that you can do your own.

♠ Don't Do ♠

•Never copy do your own

If you want your YouTube channel to grow fast and many subscribers and Views come to your videos 'then do not Copy anybody else's content if you do, you are not going to viral these types of content because it is already on YouTube.

Even if you downloaded others' video & uploaded it on your channel, then the only thing you'll get is Copyright Strike on your video by the owner of that original Video, & then your video will be removed from your channel & maybe you have to lose your channel, if you don't stop this type of activity.
Even before using any song or Music in your video make sure to Take Permission for using that song in your video.

• Abusing Content

Youtube is adding more & more new rules & guidelines for it's creator because YouTube wants to make it such a clean platform for each & everyone. Main motive of YouTube is to make YouTube a familiar Platform that's why if you try to upload Abusing content or any nudity on YouTube, your channel is going to be in trouble.
So don't try to create Abusing content on YouTube.

•  Don't Spam

If you go to other's YouTube channel & gives your video link below their video's comment section then it'll be spamming. Whenever you comment on someone else's video below and give a link to your video or give it any other type of link then it gets spam and does not appear to anyone.

Even if you comment Like- Please subscribe my channel,View my videos, I'll pay you money Promote my channel, Click this link etc these all are spam & YouTube automatically detect & remove them.

♥ When you Go Viral ♥

once you go viral & get Many subscribers and viewers for your videos don't forget to do these whole things I am going to tell you about-
• Reply to All

Not only when you go viral on YouTube but each and every time when someone comments below Your video make sure to reply them all.when you reply each and every person to their comments, they become more loyal for you and they also get some special attachment for you.
By replying just their comments you can make a loyal subscriber base and they are going to see your each and every videos you will upload.

Repeat That Viral Video

Once when your video goes viral then make sure to upload 2-3 more same videos because that the exactly thing people want to see again & that's the reason to subscribe your YouTube Channel.

Suppose my video gone Viral 'Which is about 'Earn Money Online', So after my viral video I'll repeat 2-3 videos about to 'Make Money Online'. I'm not saying to re-upload that viral video again but try to upload a Video only with the same Viral Topic.

So if my Video was about to 'Make Money Online' & it become Viral so I'll make my next Video About-'4 Legal ways to earn Money Online' or 'Best Earning Platform /Highest Profitable Earning Platform etc. If you do that your next videos will have a chance to become Viral.

That's the thing I'm saying to do but not upload more than 3 same Videos, because if you'll repeat things again & again then people don't gonna watch your videos again & again. Your viewers (Who don't subscribed) are going to get your video in recommendation & maybe they watch your video again & maybe Subscribe you.

My Final Opinion.

I can just suggest you to start your channel with a highly searchable topic & work hard to make your videos & also give your time to editing too.
Before creating a Channel on YouTube ask you self some Questions- Is this content is great, What is different in my videos than others, Will people love to watch this ,ETC.

Choose only content you know about & can continue with it in future too. Because if you'll upload each type of videos' Maybe you'll get views but you'll never get a loyal Subscriber base, & even you'll upload other videos they are not going to watch it.

Suppose my channel have Category & I uploads all types video (News,Songs, Sports, Tech) in one channel maybe my 1-2 video become viral & I'll get views , Subscribers too but when I'll upload next video that not relate to my viral video' all my subscribers are not going to watch this because this video doesn't sense for them.

So make sure to choose a Best category for your channel but still one more thing for you' 'Talent always Success if you work hard on it'.

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