Instagram Countdown Feature in Story | Instagram Countdown sticker

Instagram new update with countdown feature in story, what is it ? Countdown Instagram..

Instagram recently added and a new feature in the Instagram stories mode which is countdown timer so if you are curious to know about this feature and wanted to know what is it and how to use Instagram stories countdown mode then let's move to the point.
Instagram Countdown Feature
Basically, Instagram added this feature in its story mode It is countdown' you can easily use this feature and can make your audience More Engaged with you for an Upcoming Event.

What Instagram Countdown Do?

After using Instagram's Counter feature, you can put a reminder in your Story Type so that you will be able to tell your audience what time the upcoming event is and how long it is to use it with your audience. They will be able to engage even better and they will also know about how much time has left for something special which is going to happens.

Let's say my birthday is about to come tomorrow, so I can already set up a reminder for my Instagram Story. Through Instagram Story Reminder, I can set both time and date and I can change it accordingly. I will tell in my Instagram Story that "A very special event is going to come. Do not go anywhere, just do a little wait a surprise for You" and I will put this reminder under it, due to which all my Instagram profile visitors know Something interesting is Going on here at that time.
Instagram Countdown Feature
How to Use Instagram countdown template?

There is nothing special about Instagram countdown story features. It is just a sticker that you will get only in your Instagram story. You can use it simply as you use other stickers on Instagram story.

Here is some simple step to use it-

1). Click to add an Instagram story and then select an image or go to a Type.
You can use anything it will work on both images & blank Typing.

2). If you are using Blank background then you can add some Words For Your Audience Like- 'Big Surprise After' & then Done.

3). Before Publishing your story just Go to Stickers Section, Which is Looks different Then emojis. It is Square.

4). Now you'll find a sticker here named 'Countdown' create Instagram stickers'. Just Click to select it for your story.

5). Now for select Date & Time Reminder just click on it & edit date as you want for your Reminder. But to select timing you have to click on All Days.( See image Below)
Instagram Countdown Feature
  When you turn it off then you'll get an option to edit Hours, minutes & AM/PM also.

6). You can also add text or Message in this reminder. As you can see in above Image I already added "Surprise Arriving" as like that you can also add text on it.

7). You can also change it's color just by taping on the Rainbow & if your Reminder is Sheduled just Done & Share it with your Close Friend or With Everyone.

Now your Instagram story Countdown/ countdown instagram posts is live for everyone & working as a Reminder. I personally like this sticker because I can use this reminder countdown to surprise my Audience. You can use this instagram stickers for business, What is your thoughts & Openions for this New Instagram Story Sticker let me know In Comments.

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