YouTube V/S Facebook Monetization | Facebook watch Vs Youtube Earning

Every Youtube video creator should know about Facebook monitization.. YouTube V/S Facebook.

Facebook Watch Earning vs Youtube Monetization You should know before creating a YouTube channel to upload videos and make money & if you want to make money in 2019 then there is something for Everyone Who Wanted To Know -
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Let's See YouTube v/s Facebook which is a Best Earning Platform.
YouTube V/S Facebook
Basically today we are going to talk about best earning platform in between YouTube and Facebook.

As we all know YouTube is a video sharing platform, there are too many people earning through YouTube just by creating and uploading videos on YouTube.
If you don't know how people earn through YouTube , You should know a little bit about it- 

On YouTube you need 4000 watch hours time on your whole channel within a year. Some people think if they didn't complete 4000 watch hours time within 1 years then they won't be able to do monetize their channel anymore,but that's not Truth, Youtube only counts last 365 days/one year's watch hours Report of your channel & it doesn't matter you complete it in your first year or not.

And when you complete your 4000 watch hours time you can apply or request YouTube to your channel YouTub for Monetization.
If youtube found everything clear then your channel become monetize and ready to show ads on you videos to make money.

Now this was the only about YouTube. Let me share my points about Facebook monetization. Why Facebook is going to beat YouTube in future?

YouTube is only a video sharing platform but Facebook is a global leading social media platform.
According to Google YouTube is having 30 million daily active users worldwide that is really a huge amount but you should also know about Facebook,it is 1.2 billion active worldwide users daily.
This result shows that Facebook users are more than YouTube.

Why YouTube has less no of users then Facebook ?

Basically people come on YouTube just for watch their favourite videos and to listen their favourite song only,they don't spend time on YouTube as they do on Facebook & why not to give more time on Facebook it's a great social media platform where we can do all stuffs like - Photo Sharing,Video Sharing,Messages, Chat & also calling using messenger.

2nd Thing, Facebook has been Recently Lunched it's Monitization Programs for Videos, it means they don't have creators to create videos like YouTube that's why Facebook can pay video Creators more than YouTube.

My favorite YouTuber who already using Facebook Audience Network given an update of his earning & said that Facebook is paying approximately 1$ for 1,000 views "but" do you know how much views you need to earn 1$ on YouTube it is Approximately 4-5 thousands.
So tell me about your though in comment section.

Last but not least- Facebook Audience Network is going to work as Advertisement platform Where Advertisers & Publishers both can earn.
Publisher can advertise their Product & Brands through Facebook Audience Network & Publisher can Monetize Own websites placing these Ads on it.
Google already have AdWords ( For Advertisers) & AdSense (For Publishers) & I,m using AdSence as a Publisher for my Web page.

Final Words..
As I know and as I can see I think Facebook is going to rock in future and can replace Youtube in future.
Not only for uploading videos but if Facebook worked like that all YouTube Creators are going to Divert on Facebook very soon but we should not forget they both are a different Platform & they should focus on their category to make it Best in the World.

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